Bizzotope - European Expansion?

We make it happen

In your traditional home markets you have a successful business offering innovative products and services. You believe that your business success can also have a European dimension. However, the hurdles to expand your business to and within Europe seem too high:

  • You lack the expertise to set up and manage European entities.
  • You don't have the appropriate commercial or distribution network, or don't know how to set up or expand it.
  • You don't know how to recruit the right people with the required skills and competences.
  • You don't have sufficient legal, accounting, IT, HR and marketing support.

Commercial success throughout Europe depends on finding the right balance between a global vision & strategy and local culture and marketplaces. Bizzotope offers you the knowledge and expertise to adequately set up high performing direct and indirect distribution channels and professional customer service organizations.

We have a proven and structured approach to effectively achieve commercial success in the European marketplace and to support customers locally. We are a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs who have successfully expanded both American and European businesses to and within Europe over the last two decades.

We have built an international network of trusted individuals and companies with expertise in a wide variety of disciplines. Working with this network, we can make your company move quickly by taking advantage of the business development plans we set up with you. We will actively assist and/or participate in our joint business development teams, in order to make sure that all initiatives effectively contribute to the achievement of the agreed targets.

In order to let your marketing and sales team as well as your customer service professionals focus on your core business activities, Bizzotope will take care of all supporting business processes, such as legal, accounting, ICT, HR and marketing. Do you want your company to live up to its European expansion objectives?

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